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Polish for foreigners

Experience Poland's Beauty

The Polish language is one of the most difficult languages in the world, and though the Poles are very proud of it, even they have trouble with it sometimes. Not knowing the basics of Polish presents a problem to a foreigner who intends to stay longer in our country.

Our special offer:

Why is it worth it?

  • to feel confident in Poland
  • to work more efficiently in Poland
  • to study in Poland
  • to understand what others say to you and about you ;-)
  • to surprise your Polish friends and partners
  • to make new friends
  • to impress colleagues
  • to see that Polish is not so hard at all
  • to surf the web in Polish
  • to be able to relax
  • to fall in love with a Polish person
  • to argue with a Pole

Why with us?

  • we adjust the level and pace of learning to your willingness and capabilities: you learn when you want and how much you want
  • If you do not have time during the day, learn at night! We are the only ones that offer night classes from 9pm to 7am
  • we commute to your office
  • if you want to learn faster, we offer weekend-away courses
  • You like variety? We are the only ones that offer classes in "tandem", i.e. with two changing teachers
  • all of our teachers are native speakers, but they speak at least one foreign language
  • for train commuters we, like no-one else, offer classes on the way to work
  • Can't get away from your computer? - we offer classes via the Internet
  • We offer practical courses in the field such as visits to offices, banks, courses in Polish cooking, shopping courses, etc.
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