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Opublikowano: 2018-08-30

Let’s speak Polish!

a chalkboard with the question czy mowisz po polsku?, do you speak Polish? written in Polish, a pot with pencils, some books and the flag of Poland

Polish classes to beat the autumn blues

Is it dark, grey and gloomy outside the window? Are days becoming shorter and shorter? Do you get bored in the evenings? Instead of killing time in front of the television, come to us to learn Polish language! Lessons with our teachers provide not only knowledge that will make your life in Poland easier but also good fun and pleasure that will help you beat the autumn blues.

We offer group and individual classes. Our teachers will adapt the curriculum to your requirements, skills and needs. You will not be bored at our classes! Lessons in LinguaCity do not involve grammar only! These are mostly communication activities, language games and role plays, exercises with the use of audiovisual materials. We will help you not only begin to speak in Polish but you will also learn about the Polish culture and reality. With LinguaCity Polish language will become your hobby!

Learn more about our courses in our office, by phone (666 360 375) or by e-mail (kursy@lingua-city.com).
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